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VAT Consultancy Services 2.0
Value Added Tax (VAT) was introduced in the UAE on 1 January 2018.

Which companies are required to be registered for taxation management in the UAE?

Voluntary registration — turnover from AED 187500
Mandatory registration— turnover from AED 375000
There are two types of reporting: quarterly and monthly (for a large number of transactions).
The obligations of companies-taxpayers include: maintenance of tax documentation for 5 years, submission of tax reporting and timely payment of VAT, issue of tax invoices to clients upon the provision of services.
The services that we provide:
VAT registration
Tax residency registration, obtaining a tax number and access to the taxpayer's personal account.
VAT planning & administration
We will advise on VAT reporting and analyze the company's current transactions in order to choose efficient taxation.
filing VAT returns
We will submit reports in a required form, in a timely manner, without the risk of a fine.
professional representation in appeals to fta
Your interests in the FTA will be represented by the experts with FTA accreditation under the UAE tax law.
VAT de-registration
In case tax residency status is lost when the turnover falls below the required amount, or the company is liquidated, we will provide full support for changing the tax residency status.

Contact us
Our experts will advise you about our products, answer all your questions and select the best service for your business.
Services for business 2.0
The global pandemic COVID-19 has changed the world forever. Entire industries are changing the usual format of their activities in order to remain in demand. In a crisis there is no place for mediocre services. We at MDL Advisers DMCC understand that in the current difficult time, businesses need support and cutting-edge solutions. We have updated our products and services for business based on the needs and demands of the market. In 2020, it is fundamentally necessary to provide the best services on the market at a lower cost, so we developed service packages for 2.0.

At this time, companies that are able to quickly and easily manage their costs will be able to succeed. The time has come for mass cost optimizations. Unfortunately, the dismissal of part of the staff becomes a necessary condition for survival.

MDL Advisers DMCC is your reliable outsourcing center. You no longer need to bear the costs of maintaining part of the employees, organizing jobs for them, paying salaries, insurance, compensation and expenses for organizing visas.
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